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Brownley Hill Mine, VM Workings and the Blue Pool with the Youngens (01/01/20)

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Our annual visit and stay at Nenthead over the New Year now means only one thing, take the youngens underground. The last few years it has been a trip to the Ballroom Flat, but this year to spice it up a bit for Hannah and Rosie we ended up going into Brownley Hill. The day started frosty with a bit of hazy sun and by 11:30 we were on our way into the mine. When we reached the Engine Sump junction, we had a little look around here and then headed for the VM stopes. Taking a right from the main level, we entered the short access level under the stopes and climbed up into the first level via an old hopper. From this level we made our way along and then climbed up to the second one.

On the second level we had a thorough explore of all the blind passages and marvelled at the white calcified walls, along with looking at some of the mine pearls on the floor. We headed towards the backend of the stope and here camp was set up for lunch time. Mark as usual provided the Christmas illuminations along with cooking facilities. Karli set up his cooking area and lunch was had. After a game of attack the Karli that Hannah and Rosie seemed to enjoy nonstop, we climbed back down to the first level and then exited back to the horse level via a different hopper. We headed further into the mine for the Brownley Hill Vein, where eventually we came to the blue pool - lots of cooing. After a few photos, we retraced our steps and headed back out. What a nice way to spend 3½ hours on a New Year's Day.