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Welcome to The Mine Explorer Society web site.

Login - Updated 23/10/14

We are a group of friends that have been exploring abandoned mines since the 1980's, predominately in the small village of Nenthead in Cumbria on Alston moor. We are a society and members of NAMHO. This web site is all about our exploration, including some basic history of the mines. To see the mines that we have been to and our trip index, see Mines / Trip Index.

Mine exploration is dangerous and you should only attempt it with a club or an experienced group if you have not done it before or are a novice. See Links for details of clubs and organisations that you can contact. Please Read the Disclaimer.

If you are a mine explorer feel free to contact us for information. We will be glad to help if we can and to place any links to relevant web sites. All the information on this web site is a result of reading, surfing, talking, doing and speculation.

Flats - Brownley Hill
Surface Shaft - Nenthead
Calcified Shaft - Allendale
Digging - Nentsberry Haggs

Latest Trips -

Nenthead Surface Features - 27/03/14, few test photos from flaying a drone over the Nenthead Mines.

Nentsberry Haggs Mine - 21/02/15, Pop up into the High Raise Vein - about dwarf size.

Nentsberry Haggs Mine - 19/12/14, Comparing old plans and how they line up with the actual mine.

Smallcleugh Mine - 09/11/14, A look at the falls on Loncleugh Vein past the Ballroon.

Rampgill Mine - 08/11/14, Re-visiting Hopper 29 and finding a new flat.

Old Fall Level - 31/08/14, A look at a small level in Weardale

Greenlaws Mine - 27/07/14. The second flats are opened

What's New -

The Mine Explorer Society is 10 Years Old.

Finally a new plan - Rampgill Mine (09/07/13) - AVAILABLE NOW

With 400 units now sold, an upgrade on the RETRO XP to 400 Lumens (07/01/13) - AVAILABLE NOW

Plans of Nenthead Mines available - full colour A2 prints. Also available to buy at Bernies Cafe.

Web site written by Mike Hrybyk, all content and photographs Copyright 2004-2015. Site started May 2004. Last Update 29/03/15.

To get the best viewing of photographs use a screen resolution of 1280x1024. The gallaries use Active X, so unfortunately Internet Explorer is the best web browser to use.

Fungus - Wapping Mine
Arching - Rampgill Firestone
Blue Pool - Brownley Hill
Near Barron's Sump - Smallcleugh