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Ballroom via Northend Flats, Smallcleugh Mine (20/02/19).

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Pete had been asking about getting a trip together so that his daughter Lucy could get a taste of the underground landscape as he had shown her photos of Hannah down the mines and she was really keen to have a go.

We met at Gav's and Rosie's house and then made our way to Smallcleugh. Arriving at the adit the kids started running around and climbing on the shop walls, we gathered them up and sent them down the miiiiinnnnne. Hannah and Rosie are old hands now, but when Lucy got in, just past the arching she was amazed at the walls and the formations and started pointing at the hole - the hole is where we are going.

We got through the water, past the shaft and then proceeded up the slippery slope and then along the Hard Crosscut. At the start of the flats, we showed the kids some of the workings and the sparkly things. Then it was up into the Northend Flats, following the workings until we reached the horse level again. Here we went through the main flats, taking a detour to climb up into the Waterblast Flat to look at the barrow and artefacts. Back down and onwards to Wheel Flats, where the kids thought it was a good idea to attack Karli and use him as a climbing frame. Then we went through George Hertherington's Crosscut, cursing how easy the kids had it. Once out, it was on to the Ballroom.

Whilst the kids had an explore, we got lunch set up and it was feeding time. We took a few photos of the Ballroom and then it was back out. At the entrance to George Hertherington's Crosscut we met an outdoor group who had around 25 people with them, so we had to wait until the crosscut emptied before carrying on - traffic jams down Smallcleugh, whatever next? It was funny to watch the groups expressions when they realised there was a group of kids down the mine. We got out with no issues and then it was time for a group shot on Karli's monster Landy and back to base for warmth!